Saturday, October 21, 2006

A Madman is on the Loose

Originally by: 5/2/06

Perhaps you’ve noticed that the world has gotten a lot more dangerous over the last few days. Felt on edge? Felt in danger? The delicate fabric that barely holds this world together seem a little frayed? The Idiot can tell you why.

A few days ago, a good friend of the Idiot was released from jail. This vicious criminal mastermind was incarcerated for three months in an Illinois maximum security facility for murder. His victim? A leaf of marijuana.

This Hannibal Lecter-in-training got to hang out with the Latino gangs, the black gangs, the white supremacists, the child molesters, and various and sundry other guardian angels of society for three months. Most of these sweethearts had less than an 8th grade education. Our diabolical friend was the only college graduate on his deck, which is why they called him “Professor.” Before his incarceration, he worked at a radio station, that is when he wasn’t performing his dangerous and illegal acts. Not anymore.

Now, he is under a strict house curfew and must be home every night by 7 for several months. Probation will continue for a couple of years, with meetings and drug counseling at times that will vastly restrict his ability to get a job. His life has been basically put on hold for the next two years.

One might ask what the hell he was doing with the dope in the first place. The answer is simple. He was getting high. But that’s not why he started doing it. Several years ago he began having nerve problems. Numbness. Eye problems. He would sometimes go blind for days at a time. Doctors thought it was the early stages of MS and prescribed medicine that he had to shoot up every day. It was horribly expensive and knocked him on his ass every time he took it. And it didn’t really work.

Pot did.

Thank God they got that sick f*ck off the street.

Meanwhile, Rush Limbaugh has been arrested twice for prescription drug fraud and hasn’t spent a day in jail. And the other day O.J. defended himself against a bad golf game by claiming he would find the “real bogeys”.

Now, the Idiot does not use or condone the cannabis (it can turn a person into an unmotivated slug), and he agrees that if you break a law you should be punished, but this is a little extreme. Seriously, what good does it do for society to take a working, tax paying civilian and put him out of a job for years at a time when he hasn’t hurt anybody and was basically self-medicating?

Just imagine if we weren’t living in the freest country in the world.


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