Saturday, October 21, 2006

Things you don't want to think, but kinda have to

Originally posted 3/8/2006

The Idiot is fair and open minded. Always has been. Always will be.

The Idiot would NEVER disparage or disrespect and entire religion, country, or region of the world. NEVER.

But let’s be honest. The entire Middle East has lost its f*cking mind.

I didn’t say this after any terror attacks. I truly believed that most people in that region were good people who just wanted better for their family. And let’s face it, Christianity has its wackjobs, too (by the way, don’t get raped in South Dakota anytime soon).

I didn’t say this after they burnt down KFCs in response to an obscure Danish newspaper printing a cartoon they didn’t like. I said they were being manipulated by higher powers who had inflated the issue for their own political means. They should probably be eating at Subway, anyway.

But that was before. Before I read this.

On seeing the headline, I just thought, “Oh, another one of those fundamentalist psychos that pass laws requiring all women to dress like one of Michael Jackson’s kids got a wild hair up his ass again.” And then I read the rest of the article.

And that was it. It’s all I needed to read. That entire part of the world has gone totally bonkers.

Only in the Middle East could they turn flying a kite into a fight to the death.

Only in the Middle East would anybody EVER think about gluing sharp metal and glass shards to their kite strings.

When was the last time you saw someone DIE from flying a freaking kite? Only in the Middle East!!

Guys, I know Cricket is boring, but this is what you come up with to pass the time?

The Idiot hates stereotypes. Hates them so much that he hates people who spread them by being one. All those Muslim groups out there, next time you want to condemn movies and TV shows for showing Muslims as violent and a little crazy, please remember... You have people killing each other with kites!!! Sweet Mohammed!!!

I mean, kite fighting to the death, that’s not even something the Romans made the gladiators do, and they were the greatest innovators death has ever seen!

Although, come to think of it... Gladiators fighting with kites. I really wouldn’t mind seeing that.

Anyway, thank God we live in the U.S., where nobody ever does anything crazy.


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